Sunday, January 3, 2010


Testing 1-2-3...... Hi there, and welcome! Wow, isn't this a very interesting day and age that we all are partaking in? This is the time where, just as Gandhi said, we all need to be the change we wish to see in the world. Though it is difficult, this is the time where we must resist our biological urge to follow the rest of the pack, where we all must think for ourselves. Our lives and our planet depend on it. I have a lot to say. Much will be controversial. Some may even be angered by it. This is not my intent. My entries will consist of information, opinions, and ideas that are not necessarily mine, but what I have received from elsewhere. Where? I don't know. Here and there, I suppose. But I am going to say it, despite the fact that these thoughts are far from being new or unique. I do not intend to change anyone's minds with this blog. I don't expect everyone, or anyone for that matter, to agree with what I say. I simply wish to present what I have in hopes that it will plant a seed for anyone who reads this so they can come to their own conclusions and decide for themselves how they feel about it.

Love and light,


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