Sunday, January 3, 2010

Humans in sheeps clothing

Humans are animals. This is a fact. We are not vegetables, nor minerals. Simple, right? How easy it is to forget this though! We all must remember that our lives are largely dictated by our animalistic instincts. Look at sex for instance. We are merely following our biological programming to ensure the survival of our species. Sure it's enjoyable, and sure we can get creative while doing it, but it is programming none the less. Another aspect of our programming is pack animal nature. Stay with the herd. Conform. Follow the leader. This phenomena has been extremely helpful in our past evolution and survival but it no longer an asset. Today this instinct displays itself in a variety of ways. Just look at the fashion industry! We base our attire on what everyone else perceives, or is led to believe, as acceptable.

Another way our lives are dictated by biological programming is the way we believe without question what our leaders tell us, whether they be with the government, media, or with religious organizations. Sure, there are debates on these subjects, but what I'm talking about is on a completely different level. More to come on this later. At this time, I'd just like to say that now, more than ever, we must question things that we never even thought of questioning before. Question everything that is told to us. Decide for yourself if what you are hearing feels true to you. Think for yourselves. Don't blindly accept what is fed to you just because it is easy, or because everyone else is doing it. It is difficult to stand out and it can be scary, but we must make sure it is really us walking around in these bodies, and not just automated products of our nature, or of our culture. We must live up to our ability as a species of love and intelligence, and not be machines. This is one of the hardest things to do as a human, but we must. There are many in positions of authority that do NOT have our best interest in mind. They live by other instincts - self preservation and fear. Most often at the expense of others. Details to follow.

Love and light,


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